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Soccer Betting in the USA

Soccer (or as many in the rest of the world call it, football) is easily the most wagered on sport on the planet. Every time a major football event happens, billions of dollars’ worth of cash flows between punters and bookies.

There is nothing quite like FIFA World Cup betting for instance. If you aren’t that read up on betting on soccer, though, how do you get started and what can you get on? At we show you the best sportsbooks!

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What Competitions Can I Bet On?

Soccer is played in virtually every country on the planet, and each nation has its own domestic leagues. The successful teams in those leagues can qualify for continental competitions, too, played between teams from various nations.

Then there is the international side of things, where nations of each country’s best players get together for a major football tournament, such as the World Cup.

  • Major Domestic Leagues: Sorry, the MLS is considered inferior when it comes to major domestic soccer league. Whilst it is possible to bet on MLS games at most sportsbooks, almost all the major football bets will focus on the big leagues. These leagues include the English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, German Bundesliga, and Italian Serie A. Some will argue that France’s Ligue 1 should be included there, but that’s a matter of opinion. Generally speaking, domestic leagues run from August to May each year.
  • Major Domestic Cups: Major domestic cups such as England’s FA Cup, the Supercoppa, DfB Pokal and Spanish Copa del Rey are played between all teams in each country. These events are even open to semi-professional and essentially amateur sides. These involve straight knock-out round robin games until a winner in each country is declared.
  • Continental Club Competitions: The winner of domestic competitions (including high finishers and domestic cup winners) will qualify for continental club competitions. The biggest of these is the UEFA Champions League, followed by the Europa League. These competitions typically follow a group stage format. With eventual elimination via round robins and run from October to May each year.
  • International Competitions: Football is also played amongst nations. Every 4 years, the FIFA World Cup takes place, with 32 teams from the qualifying rounds participating in a group stage/knockout competition. The FIFA World Cup is the largest event in the world to wager on when it comes to football. In-between World Cup years, many confederations host their own continental competitions, some of which include the African Cup of Nations, the European Championships, and the Gold Cup.

Types of Soccer Bets

Betting on football is a simple affair. Almost all the bets are straight-up stakes. Players at American sportsbooks can use American odds and betting types, although they don’t fit football very well.

  • Outrights: Basically, a bet on how will win a match, who will win a tournament, or score the most goals in a tournament (Golden Boot), for instance.
  • Futures: It is possible to bet on futures, too. These include, for instance, who the next manager will be to be sacked, who will be promoted up a division, or relegated from a division at the end of a season.
  • Totals: How many corners are in a match, how many fouls, red or yellow cards and goals? These are all types of bets you can make when you look for total bets at a sportsbook.
  • Handicaps: Only really found in American sportsbooks, these bets will see players either bet on a favourite or an underdog. Players betting on a favourite need to win by a predetermined margin, as the bookies try to balance the bets.
  • Pools/Totes: More popular with players in the UK and Ireland, these bets involved wagering on several games. The basic idea is that bettors are trying to decide whether a set of matches will yield score draws or no score draws, home wins or losses.
  • Accumulators: Relatively like pools. Players are wagering on several outright bets at once. If they can correctly predict the winner of several games, their winnings will be magnified. Some bookies allow you to lose one game and still win, but this varies from site to site.

Doing Your Homework

Statistics and form are your best friends when it comes to football/soccer betting. There are ample resources out there which can help you out when it comes to doing your homework before betting on a match. However, keep in mind that “football is a game of two halves” as they say, and anything can happen.

Other Things to Consider

If you’re about ready to bet on soccer, there are just a couple of last minute checks you should make. Any of these can wildly influence the result of a football match.

  • Form/Morale/Injuries: Football players are very temperamental. Their morale can really impact how they play. Moreover, poor form and injuries are common amongst players in teams that aren’t doing well. Keep on those and how they may change the dynamic of the team.
  • Rivalries: Two of the most important aspects of football are tactics and rivalries. Few sports see rivalries as heated and as passionate as in soccer. If your club is about to take on the rivals, expect both sets of players to be geared up, and this can result in extra passion and possibly a few red cards to boot.
  • Referees: Referees can be villains in soccer. On more than one occasion, a bad ref has totally ruined a game of football. Have a look to see if the ref for you game is trigger-happy with his cards. If so, prepare for some bookings, free-kicks, dodgy penalties and maybe even a game-changing goal.
  • Local Style: Every country plays football differently. The South American and Latin European countries are known for their “diving” antics, whilst Northern Europeans are known for their hard-tackling games. Some countries play counter-attacking football, others fast-paced and some very defensively, such as Greece. Understanding how the teams play and where the referee is from (what he is used to) can help you when betting.
  • Early Cash-outs: if you’re playing with live, in-play bets, it may be of interest to cash out early (if possible) and only lose a touch of your winnings. You know, just in case that dreaded extra-time goal ruins it all for you.
  • Home Advantage: Is it an advantage to be at home in soccer? Usually. However, upsets do happen, so don’t pay as much attention to home advantage here as you would in other sports, unless its derby day with your rivals, of course.
  • Scheduling and Tactics: Football matches can come thick and fast, especially when your team is involved in many competitions. If the schedule is rather hectic (as it often is in English football) don’t be surprised to see teams fielding weakened sides, to ensure that their players rest. This can swing the result of a game. Also, tactics are hugely important in football. Learn about the way each team plays, and what tactics they are going for, and it could help you predict a winner.

Where Can I Bet on Soccer?

Everywhere. All major sportsbooks, whether they are aimed at US players, British ones or anyone else offer sports betting on soccer/football. Moreover, most offer you a genuinely huge, global selection of competitions to bet on, too.





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