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College Football Betting Lines

College football is hugely popular in the USA, especially since it is considered a training ground for many future athletes in the NFL. Played between universities, colleges and military academies in the United States and Canada, this forms the second highest form of American football in the USA. This is because there are no minor leagues for football players to gain access to the NFL from. As you can imagine, this not only makes it an exciting sport to watch but also an interesting one to bet money on.

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College Football – What Competitions Can I Bet On?

There are a few competitions you can bet on, although not as many as you might expect with a sport as popular as this. Like many other college sports in the USA, college football is run under the stewardship of the NCAA.

  • NCAA Division 1 Football Championship: The second highest tier of American football. This competition FCS (as it is known). The teams which enter are determined by the FCS Playoff Selection Committee from a total of 10 conferences. From there, the competition follows a similar structure to other football competitions in the USA.
  • College Football Playoff National Championship: The NCAA Division 1 Football Championship does not determine a national champion, though. Prior to 2013, this was done by the Bowl Championship Series (which was not officially sanctioned by the NCAA). Now the College Football Playoff National Championship has replaced it, though, like its predecessor, the NCAA does not sanction this competition of four team. Through a playoff system, a national champion is determined.
  • Regional Conferences and Other Divisions: Regional conferences and other divisions also feature in college football. Some of these other divisions include the NCAA Division II and the NCAA Division III.

Of course, most punters are going to back their local teams, possibly even places they went to college. Very few American football fans back college and university teams from other parts of the country. This makes betting on college football very passionate. As for the bets themselves, they aren’t really any different from NFL Games.

Types of College Football Bets

Provided you have a good understanding of the various types of bets that are out there for major US sports, betting on college football is a doddle. If not, here are a few more the more common bets you can make:

  • Money Line: A straight up bet whereby the punter stakes money on which team will win a single match.
  • Handicaps: There are always going to be strong teams and weak teams in competitions. To try and close the game and even things out (from an odds perspective) handicap bets are offered by bookies. These will often require a favourite to win by a large margin for players to land their prize. However, betting on an underdog can be favourable, since the spread is much smaller.
  • Totals: How many points? How many touchdowns? These are all types of bets you can make when you decide to bet on totals. Of course, there are plenty of other totals you can wager on too, especially if you are creative and are feeling lucky.

Doing Your Homework

Players who wish to bet on college football may find a bit more challenging than betting on the NFL. For starters, there is much less information (such as stats) out there for you to take advantage of. You are going to have to rely on guts and instinct on a lot of them, since the players and the teams are often unknown quantities outside your state. However, if you trust the stats displayed on various websites (and honest profiles), then you could use those to your advantage.

Other Things to Consider for College Football

Getting a helping hand when betting on college football is no bad thing. This is particularly handy when wagering on teams you may not be so familiar with, particularly those on the other side of the country, and less famous college teams. There are a few stats which might help you piece together an overall picture of your opposition, and that in turn will help you place a good bet.

  • Power Ranking Systems: Like the NFL, it helps to have a power ranking system. If you’re looking at things like yardage differentials, offensive and defensive yards gained, throws, and runs, it certainly helps to collate all the data into a Power Ranking System for each access every time you bet. Alternatively (if you trust the source) use one which is freely available on the net.
  • Pre-Match Variables: There are plenty of variables which can change the outcome of a match, and the chances are that you won’t even have thought of them. These can include the backing of the home crowd, the distance travelled to a match, even the weather.
  • Post-Match Variables: other things which can affect the outcome of a game (and thus your bet) are post-match variables. It is impossible to know these before a game, but they may be worth keeping an eye out for (especially if you’re wagering money via live betting). These can include overtime, last-minute events, field goals, and more.

Where Can I Bet on College Football?

Ultimately, players are going to be able to bet on college football at virtually any major US sports betting site on the net. Most non-American sportsbooks, such as European ones will also offer a wealth of college football bets. There are the odd US sportsbooks which refuse to take bets on college football because it is no professional, but these are few and far between. However, it should be noted that many of the US sportsbooks that do take bets on college football won’t offer you a wide variety of competitions to choose from. Most of these will stick to popular and well-known tournaments such as the NCAA Division 1 and College Football Playoff National Championship events. However, dig around because you may find a top US-friendly sportsbook which offers you access to the other competitions, too.

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