Sports Betting USA Online

Sports betting is big business in the USA. Although not legal in every state in the USA. There are many online sportsbooks who are happy to take bets on sports popular with punters in America. Of course, almost all these betting sites are located offshore, and not strictly legal under US law.

But that doesn’t make wagering on your favorite sporting events in the USA any less exciting. The table on top shows the best sports betting sites for US players. Bet on your favorite sport like Baseball, Football, Hockey, Soccer, WWE or many more!

Sports Betting in USA is becoming very popular. There are many sports available.

About US Sportsbooks

As mentioned, most US sportsbooks are located outside of the USA. The reason for this is that most states (there are exceptions) do not permit online gambling. Unless you happen to know a land-based bookie, you’re going to have to branch out to bet on your favorite sports then.

Fortunately, there are countless online bookies based out of Malta, Gibraltar, Curacao, Costa Rica or other countries who will take your bets.

These bookies do, by and large, cover all the major American sports, but they also offer betting options on all other major sporting events popular across the globe, too.

Players may wish to start looking at any sportsbook which advertises itself as US friendly, to find a suitable place to play. Once they have, it is time to look at the typical betting markets which are available for US players.

The Major US Sports You Can Bet On

Of course, some sporting events are always going to prove more popular with US players than others. Each of these significant US sports will generally feature a handful of different types of competitions and bets for you to wager on.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the major sports betting markets which appeal to your average American. Online sports betting in the USA is becoming more popular every day.


Obviously, the NBA is the main port of call when it comes to basketball bets in the USA. College basketball is also a firm favorite (if not more so) amongst American punters. Bets can be placed on points total, point spreads, winning margins, and results, giving basketball bettors ample options when it comes to wagering on their favourite games. Read more about Basketball betting.

American Football

The NFL is a significant lure for American sports betting fan when the season is on. Props bets, season specials, winning scores, conference winners, division winners, MVP bets and outright bets are all possible with NFL betting.

College football is also there for online betting USA fans at some US-friendly sportsbooks. Football Betting is very popular in the USA.


More specifically, ice hockey. Typical NHL bets can include the team to score last, winning margin, highest scoring period, the time of the first goal, outright bets, correct score and first to score bets, amongst many others.

Most US sports betting sites tend to stick to the NHL, although a few will branch out, and offer Euro League matches, for instance. Bet on Hockey online.


The MLB is one of the most wagered on sports competitions in the United States. Players are free to punt bets on innings winners, game line bets, totals, team hits, run lines, the last team to score, race to (runs) bets and plenty more besides.

Baseball betting potentially has more online betting options than any other American sport. Baseball betting is exciting and fun!


Motor racing enthusiasts might fancy a punt on NASCAR. These bets are usually far more limited than the other sports betting markets. But there are still more a few options open to you when it is NASCAR season.

Options can include championship winners, individual race winners, and a greater selection of outrights than most other markets. If you like NASCAR betting, then you may also wish to slap a few bucks down on Indy Car racing, too. Nascar betting is for the true motorsport fans!

Other Sports Available for US Players

Of course, Americans are free to take a crack at plenty of other betting markets, too. These include sporting events which may prove more popular outside of the USA than inside it. Some of the many different types of markets (and the bets they can offer) you have open to you include:


Although watched in the USA, it is far more popular outside the USA. Golf bets are numerous and plentiful and range from championship stakes to individual round bets. Top nationality, top 10 or top 5 finishers, and a selection of other outrights are available regularly. Major golfing events you can bet on include the PGA Tour, the US Masters, the Ryder Cup, US Open and more. Check our tips for Golf Betting.

Soccer (Football)

Association football, soccer (or as it is known outside the USA, football) is still a reasonably big market for US punters to get involved with, and it is growing every year.

The arrival of Zlatan Ibrahimović, and the impending arrival of Wayne Rooney will once again boost the MLS’ profile, so expect a flurry of MLS bets to be available, with everything from corners, to fouls, goals scored, outright winners, correct score and more to be on the table. World Cup, Gold Cup, and Premier League, Champions League, and La Liga bets are also popular in the USA and offered at most major US-friendly sportsbooks. Read our Soccer Betting tips.

Horse Racing

Say horse racing to a US sports bettor, and they will mostly instantly run to the Kentucky Derby. However, there are plenty of other horse races in the USA for you to bet on. These include The Preakness Stakes, and the Belmont Stakes, to name just a few.

Horse racing bets often appear at sportsbooks. Although the biggest US sportsbooks will pack all their horse racing markets together (and there are many of them) into a separate site, known as a racebook. Tote (pools), each-way, handicap and to win bets can be wagered, amongst many others when it comes to US horse racing. Horse betting online is very popular.

Others Sports

Alongside the sports, we have already mentioned, US players can also expect to find a handful of other major betting markets. These include less popular markets such as tennis, athletics (track and field), cricket, cycling, rugby, tennis, volleyball and the Olympic Games.

Although the latter is immensely popular, the lengthy wait between events means that Olympic bets are seldom ever available, although the Winter Olympics bets make for a nice stop-gap. It’s even possible to bet on WWE!

And for the Adventurous…

If none of those sporting bets ticks your boxes, you do have an ample supply of other options open to you at US sportsbooks. These include WWE (wrestling) bets, betting on politics (such as the Presidential Election), and standard business bets such as those wagered on the stock exchange.

Entertainment bets are always fun, too. Wagering on who will be eliminated from a reality television show may not be everybody’s choice of stake, but for some, it is nice to have the option. If you want a sports betting site yourself: https://www.casinosforsaleonline.com

E-Gaming and e-sports are also becoming quite popular in the world of sports betting. The same is true of fantasy sports betting. These are all niche fields in the world of online sports betting, but they are growing every year. If betting on the success of video game players or slapping money down on your favorite e-team to win a simulated match or league is your cup of tea, then these could be worth checking out, and many top US sportsbooks do carry them.

Features That All the Best Sports Betting Sites Will Offer

Now that you know a bit about what is out there and available for you, where do you begin? Start by looking for an online sportsbook which fits the bill.

The ideal US sportsbook will offer you promotions and bonuses with decent sums of cash involved, but more importantly, flexible and fair wagering requirements and playthrough rates. They will also be fully licensed out of a proper licensing jurisdiction, so they adhere to rules regarding fair play and security and will have an excellent track record catering to US players.

These sportsbooks will also be able to provide you with a handful of US-friendly deposit and withdrawal methods. This is one area where many US sportsbooks fall apart. It is not good being able to deposit with one option for free (such as credit cards) if you’re required to use an entirely different one (such as cheques or wire transfers) to withdraw.

Not to mention you may spend an extortionate amount of cash on transaction fees. While waiting up to a month for your withdrawals to be processed. No, you need to ensure that your chosen sportsbook offers both quality deposit and withdrawal options. On top of the page you will find the best sports betting sites. Only online sportsbooks that accept U.S. players.

US Dollar – Online Betting USA

Other perks include the US dollar as a currency option, as well as American odds. The American odds are essential for many of those major US sports, such as baseball, basketball and NFL. US customer support (toll-free preferably) should also be available.

The vast majority of US-friendly online sports betting sites will be able to offer you all of the above. Some are even geared towards US players who want to play with bitcoins or on their mobile phones. Look around and see what’s out there. One thing is for sure, though.

With an ample supply of sportsbooks and betting markets available for US players. You should never be worried about finding somewhere ideal to place your favorite sporting bets.